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And just where exactly where you wanting this Count to be returned to? A MsgBox? The Debug Window?
the Execute statement can only execute actions, not selects.

Here's two ways you could get around your problem
1: Use a recordset
strSQLSel = "SELECT Count(*) AS Expr1 FROM TBL-1 WHERE (((TBL-1.[COLUMN-1])='" & var-1 & "') AND ((TBL-1.[COLUMN-2]) Is Not Null)) OR (((TBL-1.[COLUMN-2)='" & var-1 & "'))"

Dim rst as Recordset
Set rst = CurrentDB.OpenRecordset("strSQLSel")
Debug.Print rst("Expr1")
Set rst = Nothing
2: Create a new query
Dim qdf as QueryDef
Set qdf = CurrentDB.CreateQueryDef("NewQuery", strSQLSel)
docmd.OpenQuery "NewQuery"
I'm guessing it's the first one you'll end up with

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