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If you have not split your database, chances are, you will not be able to save any changbes to your form if another user has the database open as well. When you open an item in Access in design view, you are automatically opening the database exclusively, with this in mind, try to refrain from opening your objects in design mode while your database is available to other users within your network, even if you do not think that someone else will open it while you make the changes.

If you still must make a change to this form, make sure to close the database after you have made your changes or else you will not be letting other users into the database until you close it.

Try to split your database into front end/backend, but do a lot of reading about the implications of splitting a database. Performance will degrade with a split database, specially if you have it secured with Access security.

Do a search in this forum for "split" under the Access topics and read up on the problems that it can cause. Most times, you have no choice, but to split anyway.

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