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I disagree with Sal recommending the use of MSDE or SQL Server to people who specifically say 'I am new in Access'. Jet/DAO is more efficient than you imply and is well suited to many environments. Most company's using Access lack the resources to properly maintain SQL Server. I have often seen Jet/DAO outperform SQL Server and would not be making recommendations to switch to a different backend without knowing the number of users and the number of records in the larger tables.

I have heard it said that Jet pulls entire tables across the LAN and that is not so in most cases. I have an application deployed with 20 concurrent users on a LAN with tables of up to 20,000 records and it is many times faster than a similar application on SQL Server pulling data over a WAN. We used replication to synchonize over the WAN and most users preferred the Access BE performance. The environment was switched to Terminal Services and the WAN performance of the Access application remained superior to the SQL Server version over the same connection. Access on a web server is also a true client/server environment.

Many performance issues in Jet/DAO can be addressed with proper data design and the appropriate use of indexes. If the ultimate target is a very large database with many users, it would be wise to consider ADO at the outset but I would guess that there are 20 Access databases that run faster and more efficiently with Jet than to any one that benefits from switching to MSDE or Sql Server as a back end.

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