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I guess we are allowed to form our own opinion. All I will say is that I have found many people who say this same thing. The answer as always is "it depends". Access will bring the complete table to your local machine, that is a fact. That means that for every time that you request a record for a table, all of the data comes on the cable and kills your network. If you do a query and join multiple queries, yes it will bring all tables to the client. Multiple clients, multiple requests, multiple packets of data that will kill yuor network and upset your users.

Access has it's limitations. This is only one of many. If you are not very familiar with Access, buy a good book and read on it. I recommend Alison Balter's books in access. She is the best. She will cover the basics of SQL Server as well.
Now, I have worked with Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Mainframes, etc. and I still love Access the most. I use it every day, but I use it for it's power on RAD (Rapid Application Design). There is no better tool for this. But remember the limitations.

Anyway, I wonder why companies that do have the cash, invest in SQL Server? why would they do that if this (sql server)were an inferior product?

This is what I have seen: Users, who call themselves developers or programmers, create a database in access and once it gets huge, they move the tables to SQL Server or Oracle. Oh, they forget one piece, the queries. They end up using the same queries via linked tables. Guess what, this will not give you any performance gain over SQL Server view and stored procedures "because it is not being used". Now you are using Jet on top of SQL Server's engine. Imagine the extra weigth if you carried two engines on your car.

Programmers do remember to connect directly to the database backend on the ADO/DAO/ADO.NET connection string. This would cause them to erroneously believe that ADO or DAO is faster.

If you need to learn something, learn the better way of doing things. Use the newer technology and do some research on your own.

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