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Default Hidden template buttons

I'm using the datagrid and template approach to edit and add new records to a database. After selecting criteria, I present the datagrid template with Edit and Delete buttons. Upon clicking an Add New Record button, I want to make the template footer visible where the person can add a new record.

My problem is that I also want to make the Edit and Delete buttons invisible during this time of adding a new record.

Here's my button which starts the add process:

     Text="Add new record"

Here's the template columns where the buttons are defined:

          <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="">
              <asp:Button id="btnEdit" CommandName="Edit" Text=" Edit " Size="12"
                   BackColor="#79C4DD" runat="server"/>
              <asp:Button CommandName="Cancel" Text="Cancel" Size="6"
                   BackColor="#79C4DD" runat="server"/>
              <asp:Button CommandName="Update" Text="Update" Size="6"
                   BackColor="#79C4DD" runat="server"/>
               <asp:Button CommandName="Insert" Text="Add" ID="cmdAdd" Size=12"
                   BackColor="#79C4DD" runat="server"/>

          <asp:TemplateColumn HeaderText="">
              <asp:Button id="btnDelete" CommandName="Delete" Text="Delete" Size="12"
                   BackColor="#79C4DD" runat="server"/>
               <asp:Button CommandName="CancelInsert" Text="CancelAdd" ID="cmdCancelAdd" Size=12"
                   BackColor="#79C4DD" runat="server"/>

Here's my button logic:

  Sub ShowAdd(Sender As Object, E As DataGridCommandEventArgs)

    dgSelTuition.ShowFooter = True

    Dim item as DataGridItem
    For each Item in dgSelTuition.Items
      E.item.findcontrol("btnEdit").Visible = False
      E.item.findcontrol("btnDelete").Visible = False
    Next item


  End Sub

I get the error message:

BC30408: Method 'Public Sub ShowAdd(Sender As Object, E As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs )' does not have the same signature as delegate 'Delegate Sub EventHandler(sender As Object, e As System.EventArgs)'.

Any advice?