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Hi Luke,

A few things...

- you only need to reference the roll.js file once (there are two script tags linking to it)
- the body tag should only have one onload attribute
- your second onload attribute contains the following...

var SymTmpWinOpen =; = SymWinOpen;
var SymTmpWinOpen =; = SymWinOpen;
MM_preloadImages('img/home_nav_home_over.gif','img/home_nav_about_us_over.gif','img/home_nav_contact_us_over.gif','img/home_nav_selling_over.gif','img/home_nav_buying_over.gif',preload(),slideit(); = SymTmpWinOpen;; = SymTmpWinOpen;

I'm not sure what you're trying to do with the SymTmpWinOpen = and = SymTmpWinOpen lines, but the preload images one should surely be something like...



If this is the case, there is no preload() function defined in your code & this will throw an error.

I think it would make it easier to move this code to a function and call that function from your onload tag.

Best regards,


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