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In response to Imar: Your reply suggests installing Dundas. I can't install anything on my web host's server. Installing Dundas on every client that uses my web site would be impossible. Am I missing something?

In response to Vijay G: The article is way too complicated. It's like an IBM book. It assumes you already know what you are looking for. It can't be my call to go for a third party component, because I don't know enough about this stuff to MAKE that call. Also, ASPUpload costs $149.

Yes, that was a very quick reply. Thanks!

Thank you both, but my needs are very simple: allow the user of my web site to send me a picture. Is this that difficult and involved to implement? If it is, I will have to resort to having thme just e-mail a picture as an attachment. I would hate to do that, but...

Thanks again

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