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Hi Luke,

Your body onload attribute should be...

onload="changeScreenSize(800,600); slideit();"

The reason your slide show isn't working is because of these lines...

var Image2=new Image()
var Image3=new Image()

and then accessing them with eval("image"+step+".src")

so you are looking for image2.src, image3.src - remember javascript is case sensitive so you need...

var image2=new Image()
var image3=new Image()

IMHO I would steer clear of resizing the window everytime a user opens you site, this just tends to wind people up, if you want the page to be 800 * 600, why not just place the content in a div that size (you could also center it if you wanted), this is pretty much the norm on the net e.g.

Best regards,


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