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I just recently found this thread, and although my application is classic asp I thought I'd post a note in case anyone finds a solution. In my application, we track the user id from a SQLServer database (along with many other session variables). The timeout is set in the session.On_Start at 60 minutes, but the same random loss of session variables is turning up. Every page in the site checks the value of the UserID variable and if it is not greater than zero, the user is bounced to a "You appear to have timed out, please log in again" page. I found that this would happen much sooner than sixty minutes (sometimes when submitting a form that reloads the same page). I disabled the response.redirect and output the contents of the session object, and found that although the sessionID value stayed, the values in all the variables in the collection would come up as zero for no apparent reason and with no predictability. I thought that perhaps the large number of session variables combined with a large number of users could mean that the server memory was getting stepped on by some other process. I haven't yet tried to implement a database solution because the problem is intermittent but if anyone discovers a way to fix this, I'd love to know about it. In the meantime, I'll look into the log files, and wether the storage in InProc.

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