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access thread: Re: [Welcome to P2P]

Message #1 by fadi hasweh <fadirh@u...> on 7 Jun 2001 03:00:39 MDT
dear sir 

i want to ask how or what can i use to stor a document files on the db ,i


know how to store files in access db or oracle can you

help me please

With Regards




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Message #2 by tony.scott@n... on Thu, 7 Jun 2001 20:11:38


 You don't actually store the file in the database, but simply store a 

pointer to it. This pointer would normally contain the full path and 

filename (with extention).

  I have found the easiest way to then access the file(s) is by creating a 

command button on the form (or menu bar) that collects the path (DocPth), 

determines the correct program to use, and path (AppPth) to open it with, 

and then joins the pair into a single string using ::

  PATH = """" + AppPth + """" + " " + """" + DocPth + """"

then call the application to open the document with::

  Shell PATH, vbNormalFocus

Hope this helps.


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