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access thread: Access data projects & SQL Server 7.0

Message #1 by Dennis Wathen <wathen.dennis@c...> on Fri, 8 Jun 2001 12:20:56 -0500
I have an Access 2000 data project connected to a SQL Server 7.0 database.

This project originated as an Access database using bound controls and was

upsized to a data project and SQL Server.  The server is running NT 4 with

SP6 and MDAC 2.5, the end-user and developer computers are on Windows 2000

SP2, using Office 2000 SP2.  THe .adp and .udl files are located on a

network drive.  The end-user opens the project from her PC just as I do.  I

am the database DBO, she is not.  I am also a sys admin on SQL Server ( but

not NT), but I also have a test account that has the same end-user

permissions as this user has.  The end-user reports intermittent problems

with disappearing data.  For example when she filters (Client-side, because

server-side filtering was unstable) the correct parent record is displayed,

but when she clicks on the tab for a subreport - the child record(s) are

absent.  If she returns to the parent form and then goes back to the child

the data is correctly displayed.  She is also reporting random  records are

not saving data in one field (a bound control using a combo box), in one

table in one database.  She complained that yesterday she tried to delete

one child record and it deleted all child records.  When I checked the

account all appropriate records were present.  I cannot duplicate the

problems on my workstations, but intermittently (starting yesterday) I see

an intermittent display timing problem between parent and child records.

I'm running out of ideas -- any suggestions???

Dennis Wathen

LaCrosse County IT Department



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