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access thread: Best database engine: Visual Foxpro V.6 or MS Access 2000 ?

Message #1 by japac74@h... on Tue, 26 Jun 2001 12:18:11
(Multiple posting approved by moderator.)


I have to do a relational database for a real estate property in a 

network environment of about 10 users, where it seems it will store 

around 40,000 properties.  Which do you think is the best database 

engine to choose, Visual Foxpro or MS Access 2000, excluding of course 

Ms SQL Server and Oracle.  I am mostly concerned only on speed of the 

queries and not on space etc.  The front end will be Visual Basic V6.  

Please help.


Jason Pace
Message #2 by Walt Morgan <wmorgan@s...> on Tue, 26 Jun 2001 06:41:10 -0500
If you will be using VB6 then I would opt for using MDBs, unless there are

legacy applications depending on DBFs. The move then to SQLServer would be

easier, I think.


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