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access thread: Best way to display records on a form in Access Project XP

Message #1 by "Roddy Campbell" <scotiwis@b...> on Thu, 20 Jun 2002 20:51:19
I began an access project in Access 2000 and found the best way of 
displaying records on a form was to make the recordsource a stored 
procedure with the input the record id and one record as its result. I 
select the record via a combo box, the input parameter of the form takes 
the result of the combo box, feeds it into the stored procedure and I do 
a me.refresh on the form and the record shows on the form. This was all 
working fine.
I then upgraded to Access XP and now after selecting the record in the 
combo box nothing appears on the form at all.
Is this a bug in XP or can access projects not work this way in XP ?

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