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access thread: Voice your opinion and win a book!

Message #1 by "Stephen Biggerstaff" <stephenb@w...> on Fri, 21 Jun 2002 14:04:57 +0100
(Please reply to vive@w... subject: profiles access, do not reply to
this list.)

At Wrox, we are always striving to provide high quality books to best meet
the needs of the reader - you. Initially we are interesting in finding out a
little more about you and how you learn through our beginning books.

In order to help us to do this I'd like to ask you to spend about 5 minutes
answering the following questions. Feel free to add as much or little
information as you like as all the feedback you give us helps us improve.

All completed questionnaires will be entered into a prize draw for the Wrox
book of your choice!

Rather than reply to this list, please send your thoughts direct through to
me here at Wrox vive@w... subject: profiles access

Thank-you for your time and help.
Viv Emery.

For multi-choice answers please put the letter (or letters) that most
closely matches your situation next to the answer.

Your Computing Background

Question 1:
What is your current occupation?
A - Software/Web Programmer
B - Student
C - Trainer/Lecturer
D - Other (please specify ....)

Answer 1:

Question 2:
What is your motivation for reading a programming book? Please list all that
apply to you.
A - Learning a new skill for career changing
B - Learning as part of a course
C - Learning a new skill for professional development as a programmer
D - Learning a new skill for professional development (not as a programmer)
E - Augmenting existing skills in a professional programming context
F - Learning skills to achieve a specific task as a programmer
G - Learning skills to achieve a specific programming task (although not a
professional programmer)
H - Non-professional interest or hobby

Answer 2:

Question 3:
Where do you program?
A - At home
B - At place of work/study
C - Both

Answer 3:

Question 4:
How much time do you spend programming a week on average?
A - Less than 5 hours
B - Between 5 and 10 hours
C - Between 10 and 20 hours
D - More than  20 hours

Answer 4:

Question 5:
On average, how much do you spend on computer software each year (in US $?)
A - Less than $200
B - Between $200 and $500
C - Between $500 and $1,000
D - Over $1,000

Answer 5:

Question 6:
How long have you been programming?
A - Less than 1 year
B - Between 1 and 2 years
C - Between 2 and 5 years
D - More than 5 years

Answer 6:

About Computing Books

Question 7:
How many computing books do you own?
A - 1
B - 2
C - Between 3 & 5
D - Between 5 & 10
E - Between 10 & 20
F - More than 20

Answer 7:

Question 8:
How do you buy your books?
A - Through an Online bookstore
B - Through a physical retail bookstore
C - Passed on from a friend

Answer 8:

Question 9:
Have you bought a Wrox Beginner Series book? If yes, please list all that
apply. If no, which of the following would you consider important?
A - Personal recommendation
B - Online Recommendation
C - Reputation of author
D - Reputation of publisher
E - Competitive Price
F - Looked good when leafing through it in bookstore
G - Only book available on topic
H - Other (please specify ......)

Answer 9:

Question 10:
What do you look for in a beginning book? Please list all that apply.
A - Web based support
B - Code Downloads
C - CDs in the book
D - Price
E - Tutorial type style
F - Good book layout
G - High page count
H - Other (please specify ......)

Answer 10:

Question 11:
Have you read any of the Wrox Professional series books?
A - Yes
B - No.

Answer 11:

Question 12:
If answering Yes to Q11, what do you think are the major differences between
the Beginning and Professional series?

Answer 12:

Question 13:
What other publishers/series books do you own? Please list all that apply
A - Dummies
B - MS Press
C - Java/Sun branded series (either Prentice Hall PTR or Addison Wesley
D - Addison Wesley
E - Apress
F - Coriolis
G - Manning
F - Osbourne, McGraw Hill
H - New Riders
I - O' Reilly
J - Prentice Hall
K - Que
M - Sybex
N - Syngress
O - Wiley
P - Other (please specify ......)

Answer 13:

Question 14:
Any other information you'd like to give us?

Answer 14:

Thank you for your time and help!

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