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access thread: Re: Database file needs to be repaired or isn't a database file

Message #1 by "Amy Wyatt" <amyw@c...> on Mon, 3 Jun 2002 19:55:04
This may sound kind of crazy but have you tried reconverting the database 
into Access 2000?  Try opening Access 2000 with no database and do a 
Tools>Database Tools>Convert Database and see if it will do it. (This also 
does a compact and repair.) If you are running Access 97 on this machine 
also, the corruption may be from an overlapping of 97 and 2000. (Don't 
laugh, I've seen it happen). 

Anyway, give it a shot, at this point it can't hurt right?


> MS Access 2000 database. 

> After trying to repair the repair progres goes to aprox. 30% then it 
I>  can not reach data from the database.

> Can someone help me with this problem?

T> erje

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