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access thread: MDE file can't build referential pointers or something.

Message #1 by PStreeter@C... on Fri, 07 Jun 2002 15:37:49 CST
I my office contracts with agencies that do job counseling, 
training, and placement activities. I produced a system for 
tracking contract performance. There are four main tables, 
Agency, project, voucher, and client. Each table's records 
are dependant on the table(s) ahead of it. I fully defined 
the relationships and checked "Enforce referential integrity" 
on all relationships, along with "Cascade updates." This all 
works fine when I use the (front end) mdb to do data entry, 
but the mde file on my machine with Access or with Access 
runtime on an end users machine cannot add the first client 
record for an agency. I wasn't thinking fast enough to print 
the screen with the error message, but it was that a related 
record was missing, which is silly because the path to the 
client form requires successively opening the agency, 
project, and voucher forms. The after update procedure 
for the client record plugs the key values from the other 
forms into the corresponding controls on the client form 
(as Access would if they were defined to Access as 
Has anyone else experienced this?


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