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access thread: Regarding DTS problem

Message #1 by "Ashis choudhury" <ashis_choudhury@y...> on Wed, 12 Jun 2002 06:38:19
I am a student currently working in a data warehousing project .my problem 
are as follows. 
1. I have one flat file & one sql data base table, I want to extract 
conditional data from those two to a destination sql table without using a 
temp table. i.How can i do this job?
            ii.	How can we do this by applying Lookups in SQL Server 2000?

2.	How to implement ?Surrogate keys? for DTS (Data transmission 
Services ) in SQL Server 2000.

3.	How are additive and non-additive measures are defined in analysis 

4.	How are numeric and non-numeric measures are defined in analysis 

If anybody have any ideas regarding my above problem please 

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