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activex_data_objects thread: Oracle OLE DB Provider record limitation

Message #1 by "Mahmudul Islam" <sohelcse@c...> on Sat, 14 Jul 2001 18:43:51
We have code like this - 

conDB.ConnectionString = "PROVIDER=MSDAORA.1;Data Source=dypro;User 



sqlstr = "{call getTreeDIList({resultset 0, io_cursor},?,?,?,?,?)}"

Set cmd = New Command

With cmd

    Set .ActiveConnection = conDB

    .CommandText = sqlstr

    .CommandType = adCmdText

    .Parameters(0).Value = 0

    .Parameters(1).Value = "Y"

    .Parameters(2).Value = Null

    .Parameters(3).Value = Null

    .Parameters(4).Value = Null

End With

Set rs = New Recordset

Set rs = cmd.Execute

rstarray = rs.GetRows

the last line shows an error - 'Not enough storage is available to 

complete the operation'. The operation succeeds only when there are less 

than or equal 4000 records.

Is this a OLE DB limitation? (We have 128 MB of RAM)

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