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asp_components thread: ASP Data Access Book Chapter 28 - spiking cpu

Message #1 by "Ted P" <ruxpin@c...> on Thu, 1 Mar 2001 07:28:58
whom it may concern

Hi everyone,

I trying to execute an example from the Professional ASP Data Access Simon 

Robinson et al 1861003927 book. I am working from Chapter 28: E-commerce 

and E-business. I download the code and also created the tables and fields 

as outlined in the book. 

I created the DLL ( No Problems )

I executed the "Default.htm" page and for some appearent reason the Page 

does not get loaded and no error message is returned. The Inetinfor.exe 

process gets spiked and is running the CPU 97 - 98 percent. I looked over 

the code and cannot see anything errors. 

Any tips?

Thanks in advance,

Ted P

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