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asp_components thread: adsi

Message #1 by "Andry Fixa" <fixafixa@m...> on Sat, 3 Mar 2001 08:37:40 +0700
hi all,...

I have asp script that create user and their mailbox, but error in ldap,

could you give me a solution ?

I have installed in my comp windows 2000 server, exchange 5.5 sp 3, active

directory connector.

Description In windows 2000

Full Computer Name=fixafixa.freemail.com


Description In exchange,




to create user is succed, but error in Get Object in LDAP.

i think there is no connection with exchange in script.

but to create user and mailbox in exchange administrator, succed .

this is my asp script


sUserName = "name1"

sLastName = "last"

sFirstName = "first"

FullName = "full"

Descript = "This is a Test User"

sPassword = "password"

set dom = GetObject("WinNT://FIXAFIXA")

set usr = dom.Create("user", sUserName)


usr.setPassword spassword


dim server, Org, Site

server = "FIXAFIXA"



ADsPath = "LDAP://" + server

ADsPath = ADsPath + "/cn=Recipients,OU="

ADsPath = ADsPath + Site

ADsPath = ADsPath + ",O="

ADsPath = ADsPath + Org

Set objCont = GetObject(ADsPath)

'Create a new MailBox

Set mailBox = objCont.Create("organizationalPerson", "cn=" & strAlias)

mailBox.Put "mailPreferenceOption", 0

mailBox.Put "givenName", sFirstName

mailBox.Put "sn", sLastName

mailBox.Put "cn", sFirstName

mailBox.Put "uid", sUserName



error in Set objCont = GetObject(ADsPath)

but user account is created

do you have any suggestion ?

or maybe there is software that i must install ?

or maybe you can give me another script .


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