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asp_components thread: PLEASE HELP!!! setting up components

Message #1 by "Jeff Dupont" <jdupont@j...> on Thu, 28 Mar 2002 05:33:45
I'm trying to set up asp components on my server... i'm currently running 
the IIS on XP, and i have the .NET framework installed, and I'm using 
VS.NET to create my .DLL files... Now I've found a book that takes you 
through but uses Visual Basic 6 to create it's files... and VS.NET is a 
bit different, so i'm not truly sure if it's set up properly... I created 
a simple component to test out my configuration...

Option Explicit On 

Public Class tstWeb
    Shared Sub Main()

    End Sub
    Function tstNewWeb() As String
        tstNewWeb = "Hello, World!!!"
    End Function
End Class

I then build the solution and it creates the asp0201.dll file... now I 
create the asp file to access the component...

Dim obj
Set obj = Server.CreateObject("asp0201.tstweb")

Dim str
str = obj.tstNewWeb
Response.Write str

and I get an error:

Error Type:
Server object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3)
Invalid class string 
/projects/aspcomponents/asp0201.asp, line 7

I've tried registering it manually in case the VS.NET doesn't register it 
automatically with  regsvr32 asp0201.dll

I then get an error saying that DllRegisterServer entry point was not 


Jeff Dupont

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