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asp_components thread: Binary.Read and Request.Form on same page?

Message #1 by Hayes_Eoin@e... on Thu, 2 May 2002 16:40:50 -0400
Ok. Bear with me here.

I have this page, "Sys.asp", where the user can select file(s) to upload to
server and also write comments into a textarea. There is only one button to
click whose action is on "insert.asp". When it is clicked, I want the file
to go to the server and I also need to query the description provided.
Therefore, the code in "Insert.asp" contains code to Request.Form the string
typed into the textarea and also has code to upload the file to the
fileserver. This code, however, contains a BinaryRead() method and so I
can't use Request.Form as well. What should I do??

The task works with two separate buttons but I need to do it with only one
event now.


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