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asp_components thread: PWS and outproc component

Message #1 by "SKS" <sushama_sankar@h...> on Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:33:05
         I'm trying to access an out of process component from my asp
application. I'm running the application on PWS. And i'm getting  an error.
Only InProc server components should be used. If you want to use
LocalServer components, you must set the AspAllowOutOfProcComponents
metabase setting. Please consult the help file for important

I have read that the metabase setting has to be changed. Is this the case
for both IIS and PWS?
How do you acheive this if you are using PWS. I have tried the script

' Get the IIsWebService Admin object
    Set oWebService =GetObject("IIS:\\Localhost/W3svc")

    ' Enable AspAllowOutOfProcComponents
    oWebService.Put "AspAllowOutOfProcComponents", True

    ' Save the changed value to the metabase

but this gives me a message that the path cannot be found.
How can i tackle this situation other than using inproc component.

Thanks in advance,

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