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asp_components thread: File not found

Message #1 by "snmzhuda" <snmzhuda@h...> on Wed, 5 Jun 2002 18:36:09
I am building an ASP component (BBWrapper.dll), from which I am calling
another DLL (BlakBook.dll, this is not a COM object and can't be 
To access the BlakBook.dll from BBWrapper.dll I am using:

Private Declare Function Init_BB Lib "BlakBook" Alias
"@VBInit_BB$qqsp7BB_data" (ByRef BB As BB_data) As Long

Public Function InitBB() As Integer
Dim retValue As Long
Dim BB As BB_data
retValue = Init_BlackBook(BB)
InitBB = retValue
End Function

In asp I am doing:
	Dim objRef
	Dim retVal
	Set objRef = Server.CreateObject("BBWrapper.clsBBWrapper")
  	retVal = objRef.InitBB
	Response.Write retVal
        Set objRef= Nothing

And I am getting:

Error Type:
BBWrapper (0x800A0035)
File not found: BlakBook
/BB/BlackBook.asp, line 15

If I test the BBWrapper.dll from another VB exe, it works fine.
Both, of the BBWrapper.dll and BlakBook.dll are in the same application

Any clue?


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