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asp_components thread: Oddity: Insert into Access DB via ATL DB Consumer

Message #1 by "Erik Willsey" <ewillsey@h...> on Sat, 8 Jun 2002 19:34:06
I'm developing an ATL C++ COM object, and have created a function to be 
called from an ASP page called:

GenerateNewOrder([in] BSTR uniqueID)

In this function all I want to do is insert a new record in the access 
table name ORDERS, and fill in a particular field with the uniqueID (this 
is the ONLY field set).  None of the fields are required, and all can be 
zero length; and there are no autonumber fields (1 date field, 2 currency, 
1 memo, 17 text fields).  I added an ATL Database Consumer to the project, 
and can use it fine so far (when retrieving data).

In the function, if I use the consumer, following the guidelines 
in "Beginning Components for ASP, Chapter 13 page 524", I get an error# 
80004005.  There is no further error information, it just doesn't add the 
record.  I'm using Personal Web Server for development.

If, in the function, I just open the datasource and use a SQL statement, 
no error is generated (this is using an SQL insert statement).

Why does this happen?  I really want to use the consumer templates, but 
they don't seem to work for inserting.

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