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asp_components thread: RE: Error on IIS4.0 with Acrobat Exchage Lib- rary

Message #1 by "Jeff Clark" <clarkjeffreyd@h...> on Wed, 12 Jun 2002 15:37:21
I saw your email from months ago and had a question.  I think I have the 
same situation and wondered if you could help.  I'm trying to call 
AcroExch.PDDoc in a VB DLL that I've registered in MTS.  Calling a method 
in AcroExch.PDDoc from the DLL will not work (Permission Denied) when the 
DLL is called from a EXE.  It appeared that you registerd the the 
AcroExch.PDDoc in MTS to solve your problem.  Is that true?  What DLL did 
you register?  In the VB program, I referenced the Acrobat.TLB, but it's 
not available within MTS.  Let me know if you have any clues.  Thanks!  
Jeff Clark

> Well Yes, its working on a little project on VB. I not sure wath this 
> The only solution that we found was create an object for MTS that just
> create this object and from there everything is normal. Sound's crazy, 
> is working for now.
>    |-----Original Message-----
>    |From: Hal Levy [mailto:hal.levy@s...] 
>    |Sent: Friday, September 07, 2001 8:26 AM
>    |To: ASP components
>    |Subject: [asp_components] RE: Error on IIS4.0 with Acrobat 
>    |Exchage Library
>    |
>    |
>    |
>    |For some reason IIS is unable to create the object- as the 
>    |error says.
>    |
>    |Was the DLL installed and registered? Are you sure your 
>    |addressing it properly? Perhaps load up VB and use the 
>    |object browser and see if it's loaded.
>    |
>    |
>    |Hal Levy
>    |StarMedia Network, Inc.
>    |Intranet Development Manager

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