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asp_databases thread: RDS (Lock?)

Message #1 by "amit" <kulamit@p...> on Fri, 7 Jul 2000 15:21:51


I have designed some RDS based pages which has all client side 


In which I assingn query,connection details,server name and rest of all 

required stuff and works just fantastic it updates locally and can save on 

database too.

 But my quetion is regarding concurancy. 

As RDS is works on disconnected kind of recordset, so I can't give any row 

level locks.

I know that when I will try to update the datbase, I will get error if 

somebody has already updated those sets.

But in Oracle (I'm using Oracle as my databse) I can give "update for" 

statement by which Oracle locks table for all other sessions to update that 

table. But when I tries to update table through which I had queried the 

database with "Update for" statement, I get the error message.

  Can enybody tell me what kind of connection RDS opens and if i can keep 

that connection in pool can't I use same connection or sesstion to update 


  Or Is there any other method in RDS to lock table if not then What about 

concurrancy ?

I will be very glad if anybody can answer?




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