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asp_databases thread: Re: RDS.Datacontrol object

Message #1 by "Dallas Martin" <dmartin@z...> on Tue, 18 Jul 2000 3:32:4
I have experienced the same problems. I can't believe that the authors

of many of the Wrox textbooks have actually tested their code. If they

had I am sure they would have received the same results.

I did develop a work around, but it code work in a IE5.5 browser

installed on the same machine as the webserver (NT40 sp6/IIS40).

When I attempted to call the page from another PC on the same 

intranet which had IE40 as the web client the page failed to 

load. IE40 complained that there was a VBSCript error. IE5.5

had worked okay.

Moreover, when I tested the same code on my Win2000 Pro, PWS98

box at home it again failed. The OBJECT was not instantiated.

I don't know the cause of the problem. But is it is probably

a conglomeration of many different causes.

I hope this helps you understand the sample CODE does not work

as advertised.

Dallas Martin

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