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asp_databases thread: SV: Re: Passing parameterts in ASP

Message #1 by "Trond Larsen" <trond.larsen@k...> on Wed, 27 Dec 2000 14:12:02 +0100
Why not use a coockie or a session variable? I do this when sending this

kind of information, and it works fine for me.


Trond Larsen

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Fra: Harsh Nandu [mailto:harsh_stgil@h...]

Sendt: 21. desember 2000 10:15

Til: ASP Databases

Emne: [asp_databases] Re: Passing parameterts in ASP

Hi Friend,

I did not really understand your problem.

But as you have said that you can resolve the problem using some form.

As an extension to that you can still work it out by submitting the form on

some event(i.e without user intervention).

This can be done from any of the pages(will require complete reference in

terms of document.frame.form.submit()).

Also with form tag you can specify the target parameter to sumit it in a

different frame.

Check out if this can help you.

And yes as Paul pointed out it's client-side scripting,preferably java

script to keep it browser independent.



>From: Paul Bucknell <pabuck@g...>

>Reply-To: "ASP Databases" <asp_databases@p...>

>To: "ASP Databases" <asp_databases@p...>

>Subject: [asp_databases] Re: Passing parameterts in ASP

>Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 20:55:18 +0000


>I'm not a moderator on the forum but what you are talking about is


>technology. Use Javascript or something similar to access different frames.



>Paul Bucknell


>At 18:26 12/12/2000 +0000, you wrote:

>>I am using ASP for a database application, and am looking for a reference

>>for a specific problem.


>>I am using frames, passing database-generated parameters from one frame to

>>another via VB script and forms, for use in further database queries. I

>>would like to be able to pass a parameter from frame A to frame B, but

>>interpose a message in frame B, http-equiv style, before the database

>>query is finally reflected in that frame. Nothing that I have tried so far

>>works, as I cannot find a way of automatically passing the parameters

>>through without creating a form, which then needs intervening user action.

>>Can anyone recommend a reference?






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