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asp_databases thread: ADO RecordSet.Value Handling with SQL7 Text Fields

Message #1 by "Hubert" <dasp@m...> on Sat, 30 Dec 2000 11:21:20 -0000
Short Desription:

If I try to retrieve the value of TEXT field (SQL Server 7 Text - not char

or VarChar),I'll get an ADO error message

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e21'

Multiple operations....

But it works with all other field types...

AND I can also write to the TEXT field

Is there anything specific which I need to do when retrieving Text field

values ?


I do following simple joined query with ASP/VB-script and SQL 7.0:

select * from SupportQuery_T 

Inner Join HtmlSupportQuery_T 

ON SupportQuery_T.SupportQuery_ID = HtmlSupportQuery_T.SupportQuery_FK 

where SupportQuery_ID = 86

This query works fine in SQL Server Query Analyzer - It returns/lists all

fields of the selected record.

But if I do following in my VB-Script:


if not RecordSet.EOF then 

for Each x in RecordSet.Fields

Response.Write ("<br>-->" & x.Name & " - " & x.Value & "<--")



I only get the field values from the first table AND the error message:

-->SupportQuery_ID - 86<--

-->Company_FK - 4<--

-->ContactClient_FK - 5<--

-->ClientType_FK - 4<--

-->ContactHelpDesk_FK - 2<--

-->SupportQueryDate_DT - 14/12/00 17:07:58<--

-->CompilerSerialNumber_FK - 1<--

-->CompilerVersion_VC - ffda<--

-->ServerOS_FK - 0<--

-->ServerOSVersion_VC - fsdfsa<--

-->RDBMS_FK - 0<--

-->RDBMSVersion_VC - fdsfasd<--

-->SQShortDescription_VC - fdsfsfdad<-- 

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e21' 

Errors occurred 

/querix/vss/vssVBScriptClassLibrary.asp, line 3451 

Note: line 3451 is:

Response.Write ("<br>-->" & x.Name & " - " & x.Value & "<--")

Any idea about this ???? special text field handling routines required or

is this simply a Microsoft Bug ???





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