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asp_databases thread: connection object subtlety -- close executes

Message #1 by "Barry Von Ahsen" <barry@c...> on Wed, 19 Mar 2003 17:39:25
I have a script that has records in one table, and permissions on that
record in another table.  There are no links or associations between
tables.  My asp code reads:

if request.form("delbutton") <> "" then
  sql = "DELETE FROM proc_prices WHERE ID = " & request.form("priceid")
  conn.execute sql
  sql2 = "DELETE FROM proc_tablepermissions WHERE rid = " &
Request.Form("priceid") & " AND tid = 33001"
  conn.execute sql2
  response.write "<script
end if

The code takes up to 90 seconds to have the opener refresh.  The opener is
a data table that contains ~125 records.  I'm assuming there is a subtle
way that the connection is working, but the 3 hits I'm making on the
database don't seem like they should take this long.

Thoughts, suggestions, better designs??

Message #2 by skip@f... on Fri, 21 Mar 2003 04:30:59
Try closing the connection before you end the page. Orphaned connections 
can be a drag.

There's something about that JavaScript that's bothering me, too. There 
seems to be some strange interactions between pages parent-child windows. 
I've found that it's better to invoke functions on other pages, 
particularly to callers/openers, to close a child window, rather than 
attempt to close the child from itself.

So, with that in mind, try something like this:

[On the Caller]
function cleanUpAndReload(w) {

[On the Child window]
function allDone() {

  if(opener) if(opener.cleanUpAndReload) opener.cleanUpAndReload(self);

Let us know how you make out,

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