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asp_discuss thread: ASP vs. ASP.NET

Message #1 by "Richard Malcolm" <rmalcolm@c...> on Sun, 16 Mar 2003 01:49:44
The responses I received to my questions on ASP; Netscape & FrontPage 
were very helpful - Thank you.
In reading up on this a bit, I would like some input as to whether I 
should devote myself for the moment to learning ASP or ASP.NET. The 
website I want to post is based on a simple Access database of club 
members personal info and biography notes. I want to display responses to 
queries in HTML, but modification to the database will not be available 
from a browser.
I realize that ASP.NET seems to be the latest way to do things, but it 
seems to me that for my simple needs it may be overkill.

One of the respondents to my last question suggested that FrontPage is 
possibly prone to errors when its code is read by Netscape. Would I be 
better off using Dreamweaver MX?

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