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asp_webserver thread: Default page shows in IIS

Message #1 by "StephenB" <stephenb@w...> on Fri, 1 Dec 2000 16:12:16 -0000
From JDWatts [jdwatts@b...]

I am reading your book and am unable to have my browser (I.E 5.0)

connect thought IIS. I am running Win 2000 Pro SP1. My computer is named

5fkun and I very carefully reviewed the assignment of a virtual path (test1)

to a physical path where I have Default.htm. When I enter

http://5fkum/test1 the browser responds with the following

http://5fkun/IISSamples/Default/welcome.htm and displays

"Welcome to Microsoft® Personal Web Server 4.0 This home page is hosted on

Microsoft Personal Web Server (PWS) 4.0. PWS turns any computer running

Windows® 95 or Windows 98 into a Web server and enables instant publication

of personal Web pages......"

I checked to make use IIS 5.0 is up and running and it is. I have the same

problem on my portable Wins 2000 pro which is not connected to the internet

and I get a page not found and ask me if I want to connect to the internet

or stay offline. I have also stopped and restarted IIS 5.0 with no luck.

Can you give me some clue on an analysis path so that I can trouble shoot

this problem? Thanks Jim

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