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aspdotnet_website_programming thread: Where does this reference point to?

Message #1 by "Blue Tiger" <bluetiger@m...> on Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:51:48 -0500
This in particular:

When I try to recreate the code from the book....I get build errors for the
ProcResultCodes  [The type or namespace name 'ProcResultCodes' does not
exist in the class or namespace 'CFM.WebModules.Accounts' (are you missing
an assembly reference?)]

Here's the code it is in (from Modules\Accounts\ACCOUNTSDATA\User.cs):

parameters, out rowsAffected);
			catch ( SqlException e )
				// 2601 is the number returned when the
primary key
				// is violated. We know if we're violating
the primary
				// key that the e-mail address is already on
				// Its cheaper than actually searching for
that address before
				// inserting.
				if (e.Number == 2601) 
					throw new AppException("An error
occurred while executing the Accounts_CreateUser stored procedure",
						e );

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