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aspdotnet_website_programming thread: DataGrid

Message #1 by "Huynh, Trung" <Trung.Huynh@h...> on Fri, 21 Feb 2003 17:33:23 -0600
Anyone know how to read from DataGrid into Code?
Message #2 by "Jerry Lanphear" <jerrylan@q...> on Sat, 22 Feb 2003 08:25:59 -0700
Huynh, Trung

I know how to do just about everything a DataGrid can do, but I am sorry I
do not understand your question. Do you mean reading the code as the data

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From: "Huynh, Trung" <Trung.Huynh@h...>
To: "Website Programming with ASP.NET"
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 4:33 PM
Subject: [aspdotnet_website_programming] DataGrid

Anyone know how to read from DataGrid into Code?

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Message #3 by "Mathias P" <mathiaspatrikson@y...> on Fri, 28 Feb 2003 09:45:58
I?ve got a datagrid to which I databind a dataset that has two columns, I 
also add a checkbox column to the datagrid. At a given moment I want to 
loop through the datagrid to get the value from the checkbox and the 
value from one of the other columns (column name: IdTour) in the datagrid 
to use those to make an insert in the DB. I?ve got the code to loop 
through the datagrid and to get the values from the checkboxes, but I 
don?t have the code to get the value from the other columns. Can anyone 
help me out with this one?

The .ASP code for the datagrid is as follows: 

<asp:datagrid id="dgPlaysOn" runat="server" Height="103px" 
		<asp:BoundColumn DataField="IdTour" 
		<asp:BoundColumn DataField="name" HeaderText="Plays 
		<ItemStyle HorizontalAlign="Center"></ItemStyle>
				<asp:CheckBox ID="chkPlaysOn" 
OnCheckedChanged="GetIdTour" Runat="server" />

And the code in the code behind section is as follows: 

Dim i As Byte 'Loop index
Dim item As DataGridItem 'used to access the individual grid items
Dim cbPlaysOn As CheckBox 'Used to acces the individual checkbox 
Dim bPlaysOn As Boolean

For i = 0 To dgPlaysOn.Items.Count - 1
	item = dgPlaysOn.Items(i)
      cbPlaysOn = CType(item.FindControl("chkPlaysOn"), CheckBox)
      bPlaysOn = cbPlaysOn.Checked
      'Put code to access a specific cell in the column IdTour

      'Put code to call the insert statement

//Mathias P

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