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aspdotnet_website_programming thread: Right Aligning Label Text

Message #1 by "Phillip Urrea" <phillipurrea@h...> on Tue, 04 Mar 2003 15:08:56 +0000
Hi all,
I have been trying to right align label text to no avail in .NET and have 
been unable to find any other help on the subject. The labels on the screen 
are absolutely positioned and the text is loaded from a langauage file so in 
some languages a lot of the labels do not appear correctly. If the label 
text aligned to the right however, we would be allowed to have the label 
always appear right beside the relevent control, no matter how long or short 
the text is.

Thanks if anyone can find the answer to this, its been driving me mad (and 
it'll involve redesigning some screens, but hopefully it will be worth it!)


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