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aspdotnet_website_programming thread: Cookies Collection/ Trace?

Message #1 by "Doug" <ddkennard@h...> on Wed, 5 Mar 2003 00:48:12
The problem I am having is that when I create a new web project with 
Visual Studio.net, I am seeing ThePhile's cookie show up automatically in 
my pages when I run a trace on a page.   This is happening to all my new 
web projects and new web form pages created in those projects. (I have 
ThePhile website loaded on my computer) So, first does anyone know why I 
am getting ThePhile's cookie showing up in my new projects, and also does 
anyone no how to delete the cookies from existing projects.

Message #2 by "Doug" <ddkennard@h...> on Thu, 6 Mar 2003 20:16:44
This is what the trace looks like:

Cookies Collection 
Name Value Size 
langpref C# 11 
609ECB6B287450047FF76780E2DA8E3F3D112449443362817558A7E89FCA 218 
59DCAEB5984C5C87DCD696753EFE538850B4F3DE7E711C1138BEFCFC54C9 217 
ASP.NET_SessionId y222kt45gx4r0b2qvivkptrn 42 

I understand where the ASP.NET_SessionId is coming from, and I think 
the .ASPXAUTH is coming from the machine.config file, but how is the 
ThePhile cookie getting put into all my new asp.net projects.  I've even 
gone ahead and deleted ThePhile vitual directory from my localhost server 
and I'm still getting this cookie showing up.  
If you have any idea where, and why ThePhile cookie is being put on my 
new projects and webform pages please let me know.
I'm also wondering if these cookies such as ThePhile and .ASPXAUTh slow 
down asp.net web pages.  

Thanks for any info you may have regarding this,

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