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beginning_php thread: A quick question :

Message #1 by "Aaron" <aj.huber@h...> on Mon, 1 Jan 2001 02:32:43 -0000
Can someone look on page 123 of beginning PHP4.  In about the middle they

list 3 lines of code for the reader to figure out the meanings.  On the

last one it shows :

OR !($month != "December")) echo ("Board meeting set")

now when the book gives the (supposed) answer, they say the board meeting

can take place if the other conditions are met and its NOT December.  I'm

confused though because by my understanding The meeting HAS to be in


say its January instead :

$month != December --> TRUE

but the extra ! in front of the statement changes this to FALSE so the

board meeting is not set, whereas:

if December

$month != December --> FALSE

and the additional ! makes it true so "Board meeting set" is printed.

This is giving me a headache people, can someone help me ?



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