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beginning_php thread: Re: [beginning_php]

Message #1 by "kumudha" <kumudha@e...> on Tue, 9 Jan 2001 15:54:44 +0800

    i have 2 tables actual and answer in my database it is for conductiong

quiz to students.edu_level is primary,secondary and junior college.This

databases are in mysql.

     Actual table has the foll fields: edu_level,question_id,answer.


      answer table has



   Now i have to select the winner using these two tables and post it into

winner database

   with username and edu_level as fields.

   what is the query that i should use to select the winner for different

edu_level from actual and answer table.

----- Original Message -----

From: Bill Foote <billf@a...>

To: beginning php <beginning_php@p...>

Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2001 12:11 AM

Subject: [beginning_php] Re: missing php_gd.dll

> Tim,

> When you configured your php.ini file as stated in the installation

chapter, did

> you remember to remove the ; in front of the line


> ;extension=php_gd.dll


> you might check that possibility. Good luck, let me know if that was the



> Bill :)


> tim harrison wrote:


> > im currently on chapter 3 in the book page 78-79, and when i run my php

> > script i get an error saying

> >

> > missing dll

> > php_gd.dll

> > can anyone help or send me this dll file plz

> >

> > send to t2k@n...

> >

> > much appreciated,

> > oh by the way i also had a problem with chapter 3 cause my php woulndt

> > work so i deleted the php.ini in my php direct and the that other dll

> > which u copy to ur windows folder

> >

> Bill Foote

> billf@a...

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