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beginning_php thread: Installing PHP4 Alongside PWS

Message #1 by "Oleg Netchaev" <onetchaev@s...> on Wed, 17 Jan 2001 20:34:22 -0000
I have a comment about a file named PWS-php4.reg

On page 17 of the book it says:

Now, also in Notepad, you need to create a new file, and enter the

following text:



Script Map]


Now, when I saved the file and tried to register the dll, I received a

confirmation from Windows, but the file did not register!

The problem was that the .reg files must have an empty line after 

all the text is entered. That is, it takes to hit the 'Enter' twice

after ".....\\php4isapi.dll". If there is no empty line then

the dll will not be registered, and so PHP will not work.

It will show phpinfo.php file, but not any others.

So, it would be nice if this problem would be mentioned in the book,

because some people might not know about the correct format for .reg

files. I, for instance, had absolutely no clue about it.

Thank you.

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