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beginning_php thread: Problem with javascript: command ( p. 442 )

Message #1 by "David Axtell" <sciusawest@i...> on Sat, 27 Jan 2001 17:54:07 -0000
On page 442 of Beginning PHP4 you use a function/command(?)

"javascript:open_window()". This does not seem to work for me even

though I am using Netscape 4.2 as my browser and PHP 4.X . Nor can I

seem to find reference to the "javascript:" part of it anywhere in the

manuals for PHP4 online or off. Can you tell me what the problem is

and/or give me some reference for this statement in the manual? Is there

something that needs to be setup? Back when you introduced the rand()

function you forgot to mention that the generator had to be seeded. Maybe

this is a similar thing.

I get the same problem running the book code. I probably should specify

that I am running the code on a Win98 machine. I am using MS Personal Web

Server (the most current version) on the same machine as the server and

MySQL ( most recent version available on mysql.com ) as the database

program. I do have javascript enabled on the browser. I have not tried

running the code on the real web, if that makes any difference.

Dave Axtell, sciusawest@i...

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