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beginning_php thread: "javascript:" revisited

Message #1 by "David Axtell" <sciusawest@i...> on Sun, 28 Jan 2001 23:16:07 -0000
In my last message I said that I had solved the problem but I guess that

wasn't entirely true. I figured out where the code came from etc. but I

still can't get the "javascript:" part to work. If I leave it off I get an

"undefined function" error, but if I put it on I get a parsing error for

that line. I did discover that my browser does HTML 4. I played with the

included javascript functions from the HTML 4 manual ["Hello, World",


and they worked fine, but I can't get PHP to recognize them.

How else can you tell the parser that there is a javascript function

defined in the header? Where is the ":" operator defined, if it is? I

looked all through the PHP4 manual on the PHP website, but couldn't find

it anywhere. Help?

Thanks, Dave Axtell

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