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beginning_php thread: Can you use variables in regular expressions?

Message #1 by "John Arbon" <subscriptions@c...> on Sun, 24 Feb 2002 01:19:19
Is it possible to use variables in a regular expression?

If so, why do I get a parse error for the following code?


	$testfile = "perl/test_file.txt";

	$wordfile = "perl/word_file.txt";

	$Htestfile = fopen($testfile, "r") or die ("Ouch!");

	$Hwordfile = fopen($wordfile, "r") or die ("No words!");

	$tfilecontents = fread($Htestfile, filesize($Htestfile));

	$wfilewords = fread($Hwordfile, filesize($Hwordfile));



	$tseparated = explode(" ", $tfilecontents);

	$wseparated = explode(" ", $wfilewords);


	foreach($tseparated as $sub_word)


		foreach($wseparated as $test_word)


			if(preg_match("/\b$test_word/i", $sub_word)

// Error on this line	{

				echo "Match found\n";





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