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beginning_php thread: Checklist on HTTPS. I THINK I know what is going on...

Message #1 by "Dan Ostrowski" <dan@t...> on Thu, 18 Apr 2002 02:45:46
Basically I am starting a secure order form.  However, I want to make sure 
I am doing things right.... All it is supposed to do is take some 
sensitive information... It won't be too much, but includes credit card 
stuff... They will be running the credit card numbers at the office.

My understanding is that the secure server and the regular server they 
have holds the same files?  Is just a path?

For instance If I have http://somedomain.com/myfile.php, I could send it 
values securely by sending info to https://safe-domain.com/myfile.php 
where my regular directory is "somedomain.com" and my designated secure 
server is "safe-domain.com"?

Is this entirely wrong?


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