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beginning_php thread: What makes php suddenly not work?

Message #1 by Michael Chinn <mchinn@t...> on Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:36:22 -0700

I have php (4.0.1 without upload) working on a Redhat 7.1 server with 
Apache 1.3.23.  I have 3 small web sites working and a couple of them have 
a simple php-based bulletin boards (phpBB) that work just fine.

I also use another site as a php learning site for me :)

My question: What would make php suddenly stop working?  I had some of my 
work (from the Beginning PHP4 book) suddenly stop working.  Apache 
continued to work just fine (web pages pop up) but php wouldn't.

I even restarted Apache but I couldn't get php "execute" any of the scripts 
that had previously worked.

I finally got PHP back to working by rebooting the entire system.


Thank you in advance.

Michael Chinn

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