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beginning_php thread: Re: Need some help! Please!!

Message #1 by "Dan Ostrowski" <dan@t...> on Wed, 1 May 2002 19:37:10
or, you could just say:

echo $HTTP_POST_VARS['website'];

however, since you are probably working with a new version of PHP(?) you 
could simply say:

echo $_POST['website'];

HOWEVER, again, using arrays is inheretly better than using variables. the 
scaleability is GREAT.  for example, because I know you are just getting 

if you write a page of code and then need to add a variable for a slot in 
a database, you will have to go in and fix code. but if you wrote the page 
using a couple loops that use the $_POST method, you might not.

anyhow... good to get used to it now... your applications will need less 
fixing later... the more you use it, the more you will find it is actually 
kind of a boon to have all your variables in an array...

at least i have...


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