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beginning_php thread: Problems with File Editor in Beggining PHP4 book

Message #1 by "Justin" <justin@s...> on Tue, 10 Sep 2002 22:08:36
Hello, I was trying to build a web-based File Editor that's in the 
Beggining PHP4 Book on pages 350-377 in the book. Then after fixing many 
errors, I got stuck, and decided to use to coding from this site, well I 
downloaded the coding, and uploaded the pages one by one, to narrow down 
where the error was. However, the errors were still there, so to make 
sure I uploaded every file, I made a new folder and uploaded everything 
into it, but it never worked. Here are the problems I came across:
1. Can't Upload files
2. Can't create New Files
3. Can't create New Directorys
4. Can't Save Created Files
5. (There may be more I forgot about, or haven't discovered)
If anyone has an updated version of this, I'd appreciate it if you could 
tell me what's wrong, or supply the coding in a page or something similar 
to that.
Or if anyone could help me through this, that would be appreciated as 

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