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beginning_php thread: using php to access data is ISAM files

Message #1 by "Juliet May" <jmay@s...> on Wed, 25 Sep 2002 14:58:26 -0600
Does anyone here have any experience working with ISAM files. I was given the task to develop a plan to
make data in a couple of ISAM files available in a report as well as providing the capability to add/edit/delete data in those

The different options I am considering are:

Export the data out as text and import into PostgreSQL and then at the end of the season (or some regular basis) export the data
from PostgreSQL and import into the ISAM files.

Access the ISAM files using some sort of ODBC driver (clueless on how to find/create an inexpensive one)

Convince the company that the time is now to migrate all of their data into a RDBMS system (they are planning on doing this in the
next couple of years. They probably will not like this option at this time.).

I'm open to any and all suggestions.



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