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beginning_php thread: urgent file operations

Message #1 by "ashutosh verma" <v_ashu73@r...> on 24 Oct 2002 04:43:44 -0000
Dear friends,
when iam trying to write to a file php gives me a warning "unable 
to cerate file" . i have checked all the permissions of the file 
but still it is not working. But i can read a file...
while uploading a file, again php fails to copy the temporary 
uploaded file to a new file.it again gives the same error "unable 
to create file". And also i am unable to use any of the properties 
of the uploaded file like name,size etc. Though the file gets 
uploaded in the /temp/ directory.
i am using apache,red hat linux7.3,php(php module).
Please probe into it and give some advice.
                                                ashutosh verma
Message #2 by "Nikolai Devereaux" <yomama@u...> on Wed, 23 Oct 2002 21:59:58 -0700
You haven't said anything about the permissions on the directory -- if you
don't have write permissions in the directory, you won't be able to create any
files in it.

take care,


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