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crystal_reports thread: Unbound Fields Question

Message #1 by "Dave Brown" <dave@u...> on Thu, 19 Apr 2001 12:32:09
Now that crystal reports (version 8+) can be accessed from within Visual 

Basic (RDC) I would like to create reports based on VB objects rather than 



I have a collection class which contains a number of object classes (each 

one having it's own set of properties). I would like to pass an object 

based on the collection class to the report. I am currently having to 

populate a tempory table from the collection and report on a recordset 

selected from the temporty table (inefficient).

I am able to achieve what I want with 'Active Reports' from 'DataDynamics' 

but I now need to use crystal.

Has anyone achieved this?



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